5 Benefits Of Having A Small Business Website

For a business owner, it’s very tempting to have a simple website done, because they “just want to get one done.” However, a site without an actual goal or long term plan will do more bad than good. Imagine you are the customer for a second and you were looking for a service your company provides. The customer goes to your website and finds that it is poorly designed, hard to navigate, not presenting the information that they are looking for, and all around unprofessional. There is a high likelihood that they will not return to this website again, let alone think of doing business with the company that owns the site. That could have been the single largest contract or customer you just missed.

As a business owner today in Trinidad, in this evolving digital market, it is worth spending the extra time and money to get a website that “works”. A site that isn’t just a digital business card, but one that actually functions, pulling together powerful tools, presenting precise and accurate information your customers would be looking for when they visit the website, making it easy for them to trust you and consider the possibility of doing business with you.

We want you to be educated on the benefits of your website and what it can bring to your business.


1. It allows your voice to be heard by the consumer

Your website would speak to your customer first, it’s your digital environment, your store or office in the digital work place, which can pre-sell your client. Have you ever walked into a business that was well organized? It’s that same order, that affects your confidence to purchase.

The website is addressing your visitor’s major concerns about working with you. Providing them with the vital information they would like to know about your company which in turn will excite them.

It’s your first opportunity at making a good impression. Highlighting the best aspects of your business while at the same time welcoming your potential client in the most value adding way.


2. Converting Leads

Potential leads increase with increased traffic. Let’s be honest, Trinidad is a very small place, from our local lingo “is ah small world” and country by extension. If we were to think about where your customers can come from, depending on the business, we have four main areas. North, South, Central, and Tobago. For some businesses especially those that are not central to certain locations having a website can help grow your customer base to all of these areas and more.

By collecting email lists and continuing to nurture that lead over a period of time. Offline businesses can benefit by this as well by giving the customer incentive to visit your website through promotions of a product or service they can purchase.


3. Deepening the Customer Relationship

For anyone that has started off a business, they understand that there are times that we sell just because we want to pay the bills, but there are times you really want to provide the best product or service to our customers and they are willing to go the extra mile to get it as well. What would that ideal product be? What would your website give to your customer so they can say, “Yes, this is exactly what I needed to know”?

A website with powerful tools such as a blog can provide incredible value to your customers over an extended period of time. Everyone is looking for information before making a purchasing decision. Providing the customer with what they want as well as a quality product will put their trust in your company and become a loyal customer. The client is now going after the value and quality that you are providing them.


4. Becoming an Authority

It seems that most times when I am blogging, I somehow begin thinking about food, so let’s go with that. If we say fast food, what comes to mind? If you’re a Trini, KFC is in your top 3. Let’s go smaller, if I say Pizza, Pizza Hut is in your top 3 again. Ok, so what’s my point? A website allows you to become the company that a person thinks about when they think about your product, an authority in your field.

In Trinidad, customers have more choices than 20 or even 10 years ago. We have come very far, there isn’t just one of two fast food choices, or in any industry for that matter. People are more likely to buy from those who they perceive to be an authority in that area. There is less risk when someone is dealing with someone who is an authority.

Your website allows you the chance to build authority through email listings, social media following, and delivering great value to those who visit your site before they make decisions to work with you.


5. Cheap Advertising

Cheap, the second best word for Trinis after “free.” Anyone that has gotten into marketing their business knows that the costs quickly add up. Building a website and driving traffic there, gives you the capacity to market to a controlled audience while providing useful metrics that can be used to track the returns on your investment.

Your website, in light of this digital age, is one of the most valuable sides of your business, even if you’re an offline business. In the Trinidad we live in, there is as much of a place for businesses to improve their online presence, websites being the starting point. Therefore, in this time, you have the perfect opportunity for a head start, contact us today, let’s make your company a digital success story.