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April 1, 2016
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June 9, 2016

Why are Visitors Leaving my Website? || 4 Reasons why people go to your competitor’s website

Why are Visitors Leaving my Website? || 4 Reasons why people go to your competitor’s website


1. Not Visually Appealing

An unappealing website will deter the user from staying and coming back. In many cases, for Trinidad, we can find tones of websites which have been built back when America saw its first colored president (about eight years ago). A lot has changed in those times. If your site is still hard-coded HTML today [which was the way most of what developers were using back then], you need a Content Management system. We recommend WordPress as a content management system and a great developer of course. An expert doesn’t just create a website, they “design” in every sense of the word. Some key points your site should hit regarding visual appeal are:

  • Minimalistic Clean Design
  • Key information
  • Call to actions


2. Landing Page doesn’t speak to customer

Your home page should speak directly to your customer. First, you need to know who your customer is and what they will be asking. If you have a long-term standing business, you would have a clear idea of your customer’s inquiries. Is it about Price? A Specific product? Quality? Whatever they are asking, your landing pages should focus on answering those questions.


3. Slow and steady isn’t winning this race

How long will you wait for a website to load? Statistics show, if someone waits longer than 10 seconds for a website to load, they will leave the site. Ensuring your website is optimized to load quickly will help a lot with Google as well, Google loves sites that load quickly.


4. Mobile Friendly

If it is not mobile friendly, then the user will be discouraged from using the site and leave. Mobile is the way the world is going, look around, people are on their mobile all the time. Chances are customers have come to your site, and because it’s not responsive, they have left. Also, Google favors pages that are mobile-friendly and will rank them higher than non-mobile friendly websites.

These are not all the reasons why people leave your website, but it’s some of the top reasons. The last point for the evening I want to make is to hire a good developer that understands these key points. This point is one of the most important takeaways. If your developer doesn’t have you and your business’ best interest in mind, chances are they are just building a site for you to make some money. Instead look for someone who genuinely cares about what your website can do for your business. I am writing on that next, so stay tuned.

Worth a mention, if you are looking for someone who understands digital marketing, give us a call. We are always willing to help.