Common Logo Pitfalls
Common Logo Pitfalls
June 16, 2016
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June 30, 2016

How to Increase your Mobile Traffic

For many of us, a smartphone isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s right up on there on Maslow’s pyramid, right next food and shelter. Our need for information, to stay connected, doesn’t end when we move from in front of the PC. We want information to be accessible to us at any time. This means that if your business has not yet joined the mobile revolution, you’re missing out. And we’re not just saying that. Google is responding appropriately to this shift from PC to mobile and is focusing their energies on a mobile-first future.

With Google on your side, you can increase your mobile traffic. Here are a few ways to effectively optimize your site for mobile, while boosting traffic:


1. Be User-Friendly

Don’t forgo functionality for design. Aim for a clean, easy to use, interface for your visitors. Don’t bog down your mobile site with unnecessary pop-ups or unresponsive links. Your site should be useful to your visitor; they shouldn’t feel hassled by the transition.


2. Get down wit’ RWD

That is if you want your site to perform as it should. The aim of responsive web design is to create a seamless web experience no matter the device. This design strategy is fluid and provides users the freedom to surf or search without limitations.

Bonus point: Google also prefers sites that use responsive web design even though they support multiple mobile configurations. This implementation could also increase your SEO.


3. Embrace the Need for Speed

People hate waiting. In lines… for webpages to load…it’s all the same. Slow pages counteract the convenience of accessibility. Ask your developer if they’re familiar with Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This tool analyses the content of a web page then generates suggestions to make that page faster.

Modern websites shouldn’t be designed solely for one platform, especially when we’ve become a people on the go.

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