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What in the World is Multi-Winged Marketing?

What in the World is Multi-Winged Marketing?

In the world of marketing creatives, there is no such thing as a dull business. Multi-winged marketing simply is the act of devising a unified plan of marketing across all platforms a customer touches. This strategy includes, but is certainly not limited to social media, website, search engine marketing, content writing, and email blasts.

Marketing is a steadily growing field, and customers are growing with it. When was the last time you made a large purchase and didn’t first do some research on the product or service online before you bought it? You might have gone to their website, downloaded their app, read Google reviews, or checked up on their Facebook customer rankings. If you’ve combined any of those actions, you have first-hand been a key player in Multi-Winged Marketing.

So what are the main factors of Multi-Winged Marketing and why should your business adopt? Simple. We live in an information-heavy society. The typical shopper can find out every single fact about your product or service in the comfort of their living room. They can collect enough information about you during the two-minute advertisement break off their favorite show.

With that in mind, let’s cover the five most important components of an effective digital marketing strategy:


1. Social Media Platforms

  1. Social media is a highly valuable asset to any business. It is not only a place for customers to rate just how well your products or services are but a free way to spread brand awareness based on word-of-mouth.
  2. With all the benefits it brings, social media still isn’t considered a walk in the park. It isn’t enough to just create a profile and broadcast content. You need a defined strategy that is catered towards serving your audience and relating with them on a friendly level.


2. Engaging Website

  1. Your business homepage is the heartbeat of your company. From research to questions, to product descriptions, visitors use your site to find out a good chunk of your business and who you are. WordPress websites create a storage of knowledge for you customers to uncover like a piece of treasure.
  2. Your site does a lot on its own, but you need for it to have an overall goal you wish for users to accomplish. The action you need them to take on your site might be to purchase, to be informed, etc. but whatever it is, it has to serve a purpose.


3. Search Engine Marketing

  1. If implemented correctly, search engine marketing guarantees a steady stream of traffic to your site. SEO implementation needs to be done diligently and immediately for optimal results. Your SEO strategy has to tie hand-in-hand with your content and site optimization to increase your ranking on search engine sites.


4. Blogs and Content

  1. Content marketing encompasses blog, website copy, and offsite content such as social media updates or visitor posts. Your content strategy should add to a reader’s value to your brand the entire time.
  2. Content marketing is a long-term strategy because it allows you to generate valued leads more efficiently for a longer period.


5. E-mail Blasts

  1. If you are not taking advantage of e-mail marketing, you are missing out on untapped potential. Marketing through e-mail blasts is one of the most impactful ways to connect to your new leads because it is a one-on-one personal touch.