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How Can I Get People to Follow Me?

Social Media is so commonplace that it has, in fact, become mandatory. According to Forbes’ contributor DeMers (2015), the estimated average value of one single Facebook fan is USD $174. It could be argued if you’re not online, then you’re not on sale!
Imagine: You’ve got your Facebook page set up and prepped. You’re excited to get Facebook fans in droves. The truth is getting Facebook fans is not as easy as you think. You must remember that social media is a critical tool in managing your relationship with your clients, and can serve as a powerful platform to managing your customer experience.
Here are some quick tips on how to go about getting people to follow you and “like” your business page:
1) Embed widgets on your website: One way to increase your fan base is to insert the “like” box of your Facebook page on your website.

2) Email Invitation: This is always helpful since you would have had subscribers. Make sure that you include a background about your page to get persons interested.

3) Add a Link to your Signature: Consider including a link to your Facebook Business Page at the bottom of your emails. That way people can go directly to the page without you directly inviting them.

4) Get your Existing Fans to Tag your Photos: Here’s the deal with this – when you have any event, getting your fans to tag themselves in pictures that you take works to your advantage by pushing these photos to other friends’ Facebook “feeds,” increasing your exposure and broadening your reach.

5) Utilize Facebook social ads: This is the most targeted traffic your money can buy. You can utilize Facebook ads through a minimal budget and select the type of audience you’d like to target.

6) Insert the “@” tag: Once you’ve “liked” your business page on your personal Facebook profile, you have the option of using your personal page to tag your business. This will improve the page’s visibility on social media.

7) Use Images: As part of your content management strategy, use pictures that are captivating and relevant. Try to include images in your posts to capture the attention of your target audience.

8) Use Videos: This one can be a bit tricky though because you don’t want to bore your audience. Make sure that the videos are not longer than 2 minutes.

9) Engage with Other Pages in your Niche: This can prove to be useful in broadening your reach when Facebook users are aware of your presence. Remember not to use your personal Facebook account to comment. Always ensure that you’re signed in using your business page when interacting with other pages on Facebook.

10) Use Facebook’s Page Login on your Business Website: You can also choose to include a “like” button on your business website for easy access to your Facebook page.

11) Make Sure that the Content you share is Interesting: It is important that you keep your content exciting and meet the needs of your target audience. Creating value is why you have an online presence so take advantage of every post.
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