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Using Digital Marketing to Gain Insight into your Competition
March 19, 2018
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April 24, 2018

Are you being ignored on social media? Here’s what you can do about it

Are you being ignored on social media ? Here’s what you can do about it

Well it’s official…. social media is here to stay

With 3.8 billion internet users and 2.3 billion people on social media, it’s quite illogical to think your business doesn’t need a healthy dose of digital marketing

But with all the people online, the digital world can still be a lonely place. Meaning, you may pour your heart out creating content after content, but nothing gets seen, heard or responded to.

You may feel like you’re losing touch with your audience and if your social media posts are not being liked or shared, then you’re definitely right. You’re being downright ignored and fortunately, there are ways to rectify that. It’s going to take some work on your part, but careful analysis of why, what, when and where things are occurring will provide some much-needed insight.


Who are my customers?

Very often, companies get on the digital marketing bandwagon because experts say to post ‘engaging and valuable content’ on a regular basis. The problem is that you’re posting without understanding who is reading the content. What is your customer demographic? What ethnicity, gender, age, lifestyle and income level type of persons are visiting your website or purchasing your product? What is their mentality? What are their spending patterns like? Obviously, housewives will spend differently than CEOs.

Even in Trinidad and Tobago, people in south would think and spend differently from persons in east, north and even Tobago! Therefore, look at your product and ask, “Who will use this and who will benefit from it”? Once you’ve carefully understand what your product is and what it can do, you will be able to build a profile of the customer to whom it will benefit.


What to post for my customers?

Now that your customer profile has been established, you can now tailor your content to fit their lifestyle. Your task is to identify their needs, challenges and concerns. Then, you build content that addresses and poses solutions to what your audience has outlined for you. Remember, your content needs to be solution based to be valuable.

If you’re unclear how to proceed doing this, simply ask! A short, yet substantial survey on SurveyMonkey shared on your social media will give you the customer feedback you’re seeking. Ask them, what are their struggles?  What are they concerned about? What problems do they face daily? And what possible solutions do they think can be made? This is the content you should be producing because this is what your audience actually cares about.

Be mindful as well to understand how your customer base likes their content to be presented. You may have them identified and yes, you’re catering to their interests but if the format is wrong, you will still be ignored. For example, younger demographics many prefer video content over article posts. You can ask in your research as well, what is the best way to present information and determine if your audience prefers blog articles, infographics, videos or live streaming.


Where are you posting for your customer?

This ties in with knowing your customer base. Once you understand your customer profile, you will have a clear idea of which social media platform to use. For example, if you have a younger, mixed ethnicity and gender demographic, chances are you’ll find them on Instagram and Snapchat. Mature, professional and working customers can be accessed on LinkedIn and Facebook. It could very well be that you’re being ignored because you’re on the wrong platform and your content is good but not relevant there.


When are you posting for your customers?

Timing is everything and this rule holds true even in the digital world. There’s no sure-fire recipe for knowing a particular day or time to getting your content seen. However, to maximise your chances, here’s are two quick tips. One is simple trial and error. Post multiple times during the day and determine what days and times you get the most responses, assuming your content is engaging of course. A more strategic approach would be to look at your industry leader’s platforms. You’re both competing for the same customer base, so you can rest assured this information is reliable.

What times do they post to get the most interaction? What type content are they creating and in what format? We’ve already discussed using digital marketing to gain insight into your competition here, now your strategy is to use those competitor insights to gain further insight into your customers. The strategic possibilities digital marketing affords you is endless!


No one likes to be ignored. It’s hurtful and damaging, but in a digital sense it’s wasting your time when your work goes unnoticed and your content rate if investment is low. To get your customers to listen, you have to know who they are, what they want to listen to, where and when they want to listen it. Blindly creating content is detrimental. To get the knowledge, simply construct a survey and let your audience tell you what they want to see. Take a step further and look at your competition to give you more details and use their own tactics against them.