who we are

We're a creative digital marketing agency based in Trinidad and Tobago, serving the Caribbean and the world at large. In just six years, we've helped over one hundred clients transform their digital landscape allowing them to increase productivity and revenue.

what we do

Our agency makes digital transformation simple by serving our clients with website development, online advertising, design and app development solutions.

how we do it

Our approach always begins and ends with following The C7 Commandments and staying true to our process.

the C7 commandments

we take the hassle out of building and maintaining

From intitial conversation, conceptualization, creation, completion and support, we got you covered. So you can focus on running your business.

we work in your best interest

We won’t just build and leave you to fend for yourself. We’re committed to helping you achieve your digital goal.

we leave nothing to chance

We’ve constantly worked and re-worked our processes to ensure your project is completed as requested, on time and within budget.

we educate you

We know this industry has a habit of being over technical so we break it down for you. We believe in educating the customer, and helping you understand what decision would be best for you.

look good, work good, feel good

It’s expensive and time-consuming to hire each individual team segment for your project. So we do it for you, to give your project the best end result. Designers, Developers, Marketers, and Business development all working together for your project.

we grow with you

We want to see your business grow so we will constantly be with you to help you go from stage to stage in business.

we handle the problems so you don’t have to

You have a problem? Contact us, we will handle it.

our process

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meet the team

The C7 Caribbean team is a potent mix of techies and creatives dipped in Caribbean culture but sprinkled with global relevance. Our team loves to collaborate with each other and enjoys having an open dialogue with our clients. How else are we going build your digital space?









we're here to help

our clients

what they're saying

  • Carina Armoogam
    "It was a very professional experience, there were little to no worries as we knew our website was in good hands. "
    Carina Armoogam
    Momentos TT
  • Kingsley Eke
    "C7 was very supportive of the design of our website. Their teamwork was excellent."
    Kingsley Eke
    Alvanni Eyewear Online
  • Andrew Foster
    "Great team to work with."
    Andrew Foster
    Lickrish Food Tours Inc.
  • Dennis Sammy
    "The quality is good"
    "Thanks to you and especially Kerrell for this patience and understanding. He never allowed me to get upset."
    Dennis Sammy
  • Kemp Persad
    "C7 made our first Website Build a pleasant experience..."
    Kemp Persad
    BiomedEx Services Ltd.
  • Anthony Abraham
    "C7 Caribbean has been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of working together. We feel that we have established a relationship with them for years to come. The reaction to our website has been overwhelmingly positive and the same can be said for our view of C7's work for us." "
    Anthony Abraham
    Abraham Distributors Ltd
  • Antonia Mootoo
    "I’m so pleased to be a client of C7. From the onset of our professional relationship, the staff has gone above and beyond to meet my needs and assist in all the ways that they could. I highly recommend them! "
    Antonia Mootoo
    TheraCo Consultants Ltd
    "The only hiccups during this process was finalizing the contract details which at first included incorrect details not pertaining to our business. Overall, we are very satisfied with the entire process; the C7 team was professional, accommodating to our suggestions, and kept open 2-way conversation. The initial timeline was not adhered to but the C7 team still proceeded to start work on the project before payment, additionally our schedules may not have aligned. This however did not affect us or our business since it was not an urgent task and we appreciated the many meetings and feedback to adjust things to meet our needs. Communication was excellent; we did not have any issue reaching the C7 team members, and they always set up meetings to discuss any ambiguities or get feedback on the way forward. Satisfaction is not 5/5 stars since we see some areas for improvement at the moment, however we look forward to working hand in hand with the C7 team with continuous improvement. The new website is an improvement for our past platform. We would most definitely recommend your services.
  • Roxroy SInclair
    “The team was incredibly patient and diligent in understanding what I needed to accomplish. They indirectly helped me in making the final decision as to how I wanted the actual project to work. You communicate well, I was informed of a minor setback and how long it would take to move forward and it happened just as planned, no glitches. The final product has been tested via sandbox and it works extremely smooth and user-friendly. You have exceeded my expectations and I hope we can form a longstanding partnership.” 
    Roxroy SInclair
    Cornwall Communications Limited
  • Jason Valley
    "I have impossibly high expectations, and the talented team at C7 Caribbean didn’t disappoint. They delivered thoughtful, polished designs, and code that made an outsized, positive business impact by dramatically increasing our customers’ ability to find and understand support site content."
    Jason Valley
    CEO, Cylo Tracking