Nicholas R.

Team Lead, C7 Caribbean

Hardworking. Ambitious. Eager to learn. A "go beyond himself" and "get it done" kind of guy. Nicholas was born and raised in the beautiful, sunny island of Trinidad, the eldest of 5. Displayed leadership qualities even at a young age. Humorous and witty, down to earth and generous. Challenge taker and people pleaser and Mc Donald's partaker. His fun side often finds him joking around with siblings and friends.

Anganie R.

Financial Administrator, C7 Caribbean

Hardworking. Detail-oriented. Thorough. Just a few words of many to describe Anganie. As an employed single mom of five, she finds herself daily juggling many roles, from budgeter to caretaker, to car pooler to teacher to advisor and peacemaker. Loves to read, jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, blog reader. She enjoys Subway salads.

Kerrell C.

UX / UI Designer

Creative, Fun and Playful at times. Kerrell is the quiet type with the weird, spontaneous and random burst of energy. However when it comes to work, he is a bit of a perfectionist and won't stop until he gets the job done.

Renaldo S.

Copy Writer

Business Enthusiast. Driven. Innovative. Former CIC guy, Renaldo is passionate about the written word. He always takes interest in the subject he is writing about, gathering the most up-to-date information and delivering engaging material. Throughout his professional journey, he believes in business and life, there are no successes and failures, just lessons learnt.

Gabriel C.


Photographer. Artist. Musician. Lover of all things Spanish. Fitness enthusiast. Sapiosexual. Gabriel loves art in all its forms and is quite perfectionistic when it comes to it. Because of his appetite for learning, continuous improvement and exceeding expectations, no challenge is ever too big.

Pramesh J.

Mobile Apps Team Leader

iOS King. Android Master. Web-based Leader. Pramesh knows how to take any idea and make it mobile! He knows iOS and Android coding like the back of his hand. He knows exactly what to do to make clients happy and their projects mobile responsive.

Mike L.

SEO / SEM Team Leader

Hard-working. Innovative. A direct person. Mike has been an internet marketer for the past 10 years (2005-2015). Accepts all challenges that SEO dynamics throw at him every day. He will fight for the growth of your digital business and will put 100% dedication and efforts in. You`ll find him in front of his computer most of the time. When not at the office, you`ll find him with his family or on the tennis court teaching/playing tennis.

Martin G.

Lead Web Developer

Web Einstein. Loud. Never sleeps. Martin runs solely off of Redbulls and ice cream to get tasks done! Martin can make anyone laugh with his emojis, giggles and his hard Greek accent. You can find him hiding behind 4 work monitors containing all different projects. At the core, Martin is a kind person who has incredible determination for what he does with our company.

Mel W.

Business Advisor

Mel is an experienced digital marketing professional with expertise developing digital marketing strategies and programs for both Fortune 100 and start-up companies. His experience includes digital marketing, website development, product marketing, social media, SEO, SEM, public relations, marketing communications and online advertising. Extensive management expertise includes strategic planning, business planning and operations, financial management, and public relations.

Digital Marketing Team