Online Advertising

Target. Promote. Connect. Engage

Google controls over 91% of the global search engine market

People spend 33 minutes a day on Facebook

Digital Strategy.

We develop a digital strategy to select communication tools and to ensure they are focused on your brand’s identity. Our digital experts will work with you to plot a route to successfully doing business digitally by applying relevant tech solutions to your business model. We collaborate with you to boost your business capabilities and to help your business remain competitive and relevant in a constantly evolving digital world.

Social Media Advertising.

If half of the world is using social media, you should use it too! Create awareness and build customer loyalty. Our team of writers, strategists and digital creatives work for you. We develop social media campaigns with a proven return on investment.

Google Advertising.

Advertising using Google helps to specifically target customers by utilizing keywords related to your products and services, demographics, ad locations and more. Let us help you get your ads to the right people. We work to fully understand your products, services and to identify the best google ad campaign that’s sure to bring a return! We also measure and track the performance of your campaigns, making the necessary changes or adjustments for the best outcome.

Introducing SEO Caribbean

C7’s Caribbean all-in-one search marketing service.

Our ground-breaking and unique to us advanced S.E.O marketing services gives you the ability, with our help, to follow each of your web-based promotional efforts with just one system!

You’ll see how your social media influence works with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how your content is helping your social networks grow and how visitors are landing on your website. We know the connection between your content, promotion, social media, brand influence and inbound links.

With all your digital tools connected in one place, our team can help to expand your online efforts and search engine rankings with SEO Caribbean by C7.


We have small to medium sized clients both regionally and internationally