C7 Caribbean team

Great ideas require

a great team

The C7 Caribbean team is a potent mix of techies and creatives dipped in Caribbean culture but sprinkled with global relevance. Our team loves to collaborate with each other and enjoys having an open dialogue with our clients. How else are we going build your digital space?

Nicholas R.

Gets the party started (Team Lead)


Kerrell C.

Makes it look amazing (Lead Creative)


Anganie R.

Counts the money (Accountant)

Victoria. C

Keeps the team going (Project Lead)


Marlon. D

Makes it work (Lead Developer)


Andy. H

The "make it man" (Senior Developer)

Ishmael. C

Cool title coming soon (Junior Developer)


Kendon. P

Content King (Copy Writer)


Gabriel. C

Photo Takeouter (Photographer)

Stephen. D

The Video Wizz (Videographer)


Pramesh. J

Mobile App man (Mobile App Lead)


Mel. W

When we need wisdom (Business Dev)

Mike. L

Gets it on Google (SEO Strategist)